Kotlin App Development for Android

Ability to use all existing Android libraries
Lesser storage space required
Much faster than JAVA
Fully compatible with the new as well as the older versions of Android devices

SWIFT 5 App Development for iOS

Better stability with libraries
Lightweight syntax
Powerful type interface

React Native Development

Ability to operate on real-time code changes and make corrections while the app is loading
Runs like a native app
Comparatively less usage of memory
Pre-built components
Third-party plugin support

VR Mobile App Development

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality is poised to revolutionize how we interact with our devices, with the world and with each other by creating artificial scenes which might or might not have been inspired by real world.
Full immersion computer simulated environment that gives the user the feeling of being into that environment as the state of what they are actually in.
One of the most popular ways to visualize virtual reality is through the headset which changes its vector according to the movement of the head and eyes.
VR has been used to train medical students, military soldiers, pilots, real estate, etc.

AR Mobile App Development

Alternate Reality
Mobile apps on phone and tablet platforms are focused on AR overlays that leverage a combination of the device’s processing power, camera lenses and internet connectivity to provide an augmented experience.
Mobile AR apps are built on phone and tablet platforms with AR content visible on the screen as a hologram.

Instant App Development

Google Instant apps are the Android apps which people can us without installing them first
Users can quickly get what they want. Good for user acquisition
Enhance user experience, especially in case of ecommerce apps.
Improve user retention, as they help to build trust

Flutter App Development

High performance
Expressive and Flexible UI
Native Performance
Ready-made and custom widgets for fast UI development

Ionic App Development

Quick Prototyping
Reusable components
Ease of maintenance

Xamarin App Development
Xamarin is an app platform for building Android & iOS apps using .NET and C#

Native Performance
Availability of Azure for cloud services
Ability to target all platforms
Native User Interface & API access

PhoneGap App Development
Adobe PhoneGap is a standards-based, open-source development framework for building cross-platform mobile apps.

Ability to add team members and create roles
Easier sharing of apps
App-store compatible apps available for compilation
Faster debug and build cycles

Appcelerator App Development
Appcelerator is a framework to create native mobile apps using a single JavaScript code base.

Availability of over 5000 APIs for all platforms
Code reusability
Mobile-optimized access to any data source
Availability of analytics regarding Usage & adoption, crashes and performance