Case Studies

Intellicar Telematics
Intellicar Telematics(IoT)
With Real-time GPS Tracking, Geofencing, Real-time Fuel Consumption, High Beaconing & Accuracy, Driver Scoring and a lot more features, the Fleet Management has never been easier.
Cofetti ai stands at the forefront of digital invitation creation, offering a robust platform that equips users with the ability to design and dispatch personalized invitations for a myriad of social gatherings. This cutting-edge platform integrates advanced AI capabilities, enabling the infusion of personalized text and imagery into invitations, which can then be shared directly with recipients via email.
Celsius Pro
Celsius Pro(Fintech)
Celsius Pro helps Australian farmers to take out Weather Insurance to protect their income from the effects of adverse weather. This could be for a number of reasons such as a bad forecast, fluctuations in temperature between the ocean and atmosphere, or increased incidents of adverse weather events due to climate change.
XeroHome is a software platform to help homeowners fight climate change. We create personalized upgrade recommendations for each home based on unique characteristics gathered through public data sources. The data pipeline ingests various sources such as tax data, satellite images and county permits. This data is finally processed by a machine learning engine to create an energy model of the home to generate the upgrade recommendations.
Brevity is a multi-user, cross-functional, real-time Software platform which is being utilized by The Horn Funding Corp as a loan originating, processing and production system. Brevity intends to provide a single system for all employees, to collaborate and provide mortgage lending (and brokerage) services in the Colorado marketplace.
WMPG(Legal Services)
Wellness Medical Protection Group (WMPG) is a full service medical liability independent insurance agency based in Detroit. Specializing in liability insurance for med spas, anti-aging clinics, alternative & complementary, HCG weight loss, BHRT hormone replacement and integrative medicine clinics.
MintHNT(IoT - Blockchain)
MintHNT is a decentralized wireless telecom company. They operate more than 1k wireless hotspots around North America through a distributed network of deployment partners and hotspot hosts. mintHNT is a new model for delivering wireless networks (Hotspots) that rewards individuals and businesses in exchange for providing wireless coverage. Based on the Helium Network blockchain, MintHNT represents a transformational shift towards a decentralized, people-powered wireless economy.
Patooka (US Patent Management System)
Patooka (US Patent Management System)(Legal Services)
Patooka is a patent professional resource provided by Britten Sessions. Mr. Sessions is a patent attorney and provides patent and licensing-related legal counsel to groups of all sizes – from individual inventors to Fortune 500-sized companies. He has advised on hundreds of patent enforcement, acquisition, licensing, and other monetization transactions. Patooka develops software tools for patent drafting. They provide effective tools to increase patent quality by reducing the laborious and repetitive steps that generally cause inefficiencies. Further, Patooka’s tools allow for greater collaboration and transparency between clients and patent professionals.
Band Booking Logo
BandBooker represents an innovative online platform, offering customers the convenience of effortlessly booking musicians or bands with just a few clicks. This cutting-edge service goes beyond mere browsing, allowing customers to access a multitude of profiles featuring the finest musicians and bands. Customers can also directly engage with these artists and access multimedia content like videos, images and written information.
London Business School Research
London Business School Research(Analytics)
My Donation Portfolio was created by Jonathan Berman and Nazli Gurdamar-Okutur. They are researchers at the London Business School and have devoted their careers to better understand how individuals can do the most good with their money. The donation platform is supported by The project is funded by London Business School (Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship).
Impact Fund
Impact Fund(Legal Services)
The Impact Fund was founded in December 1992, and the mission is to provide grants, advocacy, and education to support impact litigation on behalf of communities seeking economic, environmental, racial, and social justice. The Impact Fund uses impact litigation to support social justice for marginalized communities and provides legal support for lawyers through grants, co-counsel, and training events.
REAL Property Management
REAL Property Management(Automation)
REAL Property Management is Houston’s premier residential property management company for handling single-family rental homes and multi-unit complexes. With over 25 years of experience, they have perfected a process and simplified property management for their clients. From setting rent, attracting renters, lease agreements, legal issues and beyond, smart owners know that hiring a professional property management company is essential for success.
Thrusto is an online platform for creators and innovators from India who are looking to start their creative projects. Thrusto helps these people accumulate funds needed to start their project through contributions from individuals.
Kalakaar(Social Networking)
Kalakaar is a cross-platform application platform for Job Creation, Matching, Shortlisting and Selection in Modelling/Film industry. This project intends to provide an easy-to-use system connecting Casting Directors/Production Houses/Agencies and Models/Actors.
CoMute(Social Networking)
CoMute is a social commuter app that will serve 2 main purposes for users – one, to inform and to entertain. CoMute combines real-time user-generated scheduling data with a location-based social network.
Alvoff Logistics
Alvoff Logistics(Logistics)
Equipped with a strong technological backbone, Alvoff Logistics is aimed at providing businesses with efficient and fast delivery/pickup services.
Alvoff is a platform which helps users buy, sell or rent out used game disks for PS4, PS3 and XBox One gaming consoles
Organon is a state-of-the-art, technologically robust and futuristic data platform that is the first of its kind in the industry. It helps organisations capture and manage all sorts of data, discover insights through sophisticated algorithms built into it, and rewire their decisions to improve business performance.