Crowdfunding for creative and innovative projects


Thrusto is an online platform for creators and innovators from India who are looking to start creative projects. Thrusto helps them accumulate the funds needed to start their project through contributions from individuals.


The Challenge
India is an ocean of creators who need both exposure and the right platform to fund their creative projects. Many innovative minds are unable to reach their goals due to lack of financial support. A platform where creators could meet investors ranging from an individual to a corporation could solve the problem.
Our thought process and identifications
The project required a web panel where innovators could post their ideas for projects, as well as the donation goal required to take the project from kick-off through to completion. After the approval from the team, the project needed an option to be shared with anyone on social media, so that people can make their donations.
About the Company
Thrusto was the first-of-their-kind in India, to provide a platform where innovators and donators could connect. It was the brain-child of Tipstat, and was developed in-house.

Current status

Thrusto is live at where creative enthusiasts and innovative minds can connect