Loan processing made easy


Brevity is a multi-user, cross-functional, real-time Software platform which is being utilized by The Horn Funding Corp as a loan originating, processing, and productions system. The intention of Brevity is to provide a single system for all employees, in order to collaborate and provide mortgage lending (and brokerage) services in the Colorado marketplace.


The Challenge
Many technologies are currently being used in the mortgage lending industry, but most of them lack many attributes that we desire. For example, the user experience is inconvenient and severely lacking. Additionally, the dominant technologies (like Calyx Point) fail to utilize intelligence as part of their mortgage origination platform.
Our thought process and identifications
The idea of Brevity was created in 2012. However it was based on ten years of previous technology builds and ideas. The goal was to utilize many of these past ideas and build a fully functional robust platform. Tipstat realized the project's vision and an agile (iteration-based) methodology was put in place to develop the Software. For successful completion, the initial step was to comprehensively document the functionalities with the help of wire-frames and user stories.
How we addressed their challenges, our solutions, etc.
The Consumer Website ( that derives a lot of features and control from Brevity, is being developed till date, with a duration of 3 months for each release. The agile methodology is employed for each release, giving the team a detailed view of the software to be developed. The team then goes through the planning, development, testing and client-review phases. The project plan at ceach phase makes it easier to allocate the resources according to the project timeline.
Brevity is specifically catered to The Horn Funding Corp's process of originating and closing mortgage loans. It focuses intelligently on the mortgage process and provides a technology that is simple and easy to use.
About the Client
The Horn Funding Corp is a unique mortgage lender in the Denver market and strives to satisfy the needs of home-buying clients. The basic purpose of The Horn Funding Corp is to provide homeowners and their families with long term financial infrastructure for the purchase & continued-ownership of their homes. This means 'Values Based Lending', which includes (but is not limited to) making recommendations for homebuyers that meet their long term home ownership goals.

Current status

The Consumer-facing websites (, are live and can be viewed by potential consumers. The web application is currently in use by 5 user-types, with 2 more user-types under development.